Mission and Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for computer users and businesses so that they may gain the maximum of enjoyment, or productivity, or (hopefully) BOTH from their computer systems, with the least frustration. 

We can typically perform work less expensively (and more 'creatively') than larger consulting companies. 
In addition, we strive to provide Satisfaction to owners, managers, and users, through personalized assistance and extra support. 
We strive to clarify answers in a way that makes sense to the individual.
We provide "real world" explanations, "illuminate the darkness", show you what you need to know to work more effectively and happily.
We hand you solutions that can improve confidence, boost morale, and 
facilitate smooth and productive operations.

We understand the difference between knowledge and competence when it comes to technical support and results. 

Knowledge can always be increased, but competence is a matter of personal commitment and the wherewithal to doing the job right, to treating our customers the way we would want to be treated, and continually learning from the shortcomings of our competitors' "service adventures".

We understand that while computers are intended to be designed to maximize on  user-friendly and intuitive features at all times, computers are making a transition from a tool for a geek hobbyist to a home & business appliance. 

While computers will always inherently be complex machines, containing limitless features and settings, we are committed to helping our customers make the best use of their investment, one step at a time, rather than leave them with an expensive problem and a "good luck". 

We are committed to going the extra mile, rather than provide the minimum necessary support to fufill our obligations. Sometimes what you don't notice, the failures and slowdowns and downtime and frustrations that you don't experience, are the best indicator of quality of service that we can offer. 

And when problems do occur, as they must from time to time, it's the care you receive to NOT lose valuable data, minimize downtime, to help you understand important facets of the technology, and NOT waste hours on the phone with mediocre Tech Support, that can make all the difference. 

We hope you will take us up on the challenge to exceed your expectations as to what Service should mean.

Gary E. Goodman
Geekman Extraordinaire

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