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To Whom It May Concern:

My company Diversified Inventory Solutions, Inc. (DIS) utilized the services
of Gary Goodman on a number of occasions. He developed and installed a
multi-user network with obvious aptitude and efficiency. He has continued
to expand his functional knowledge of the latest technology in regards to
personal computing and networking. I recommend Gary's services to companies
and individuals without hesitation.


Eric Anderson
(Former) Owner - DIS, Inc.

Greg told me you've left the company.
I want to thank you for helping me out of a few jams in the past.
I probably respect your expertise more than any other IT guy here.
Your enthusiasm and problem solving skills were much appreciated.
Should you need one, I'd be happy to provide a recommendation on technical competence.

Again thanks,

It was truly a pleasure to work with you and for you.
It is a small world and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you in the future.
You are one of the few I have found that ferrets out issues cradle to grave
rather than passing them off. You should be proud of this ethic.

Daniel P.  Unix Administrator

Sorry to hear that you're no longer with us.  I will miss you.
If it's any consolation, my computer is still working well since you came to the rescue.
It was much better than a complete re-image.
It does not bomb out anywhere near as often as it did before either.
Hay, good luck to you where ever you go.
I really appreciate your effort for me.
I did turn in the response to the call center, and did mark it as you being an excellent help.
Understanding LAN people are very hard to come by...
If you need a reference, by all means you may use my name.
I'm sure that even with the economy the way it is that you will not have a problem finding something else.
Folks like you are hard to come by.
May God bless in whatever you set you hand to do.
Take care.

Good day, K and T,   (managers)
I second Sharon's thought and would like to add a few.

Before I praise Gary's performance, I would like to point out that Sharon is the proverbial tough customer. If she is satisfied, then Gary did his job very well.

Gary provided a complete solution to our "scanner computer" problems. He did not simply provide another account to get into our NT box/system. He worked though some issues on the UNIX end of the problem without making his valued customer (us, PDM dept) call the help desk and get into yet another administrative queue (UNIX queue). He also provided knowledge regarding how to best administer accounts on our group's shared NT boxes and performed hard disk service (defrag, etc..). His help provide us a timely solution getting "disruptive" ECN processed. These are ECNs that, if not process, will stop factories from shipping product.

Faced with the pressure of a large backlog of urgent problems and panic-stricken customers, Gary kept his cool and worked with us until all problems were solved.

Hello K,

Last week we (Product Data Management) were in panic mode because 3 PCs that we use for scanning were non-functional due to the account we used to access certain programs was disabled due to the reduction in force.

I know your staff was extremely busy with other high priority issues, but if our department could not access our programs, no ECN (Engineering Change Notices) could be processed. This would mean engineering could not process product releases or changes through manufacturing until our issues were solved.

Gary Goodman spent most of his day Wednesday and part of his day Thursday to ensure we were back up and running. Gary even went beyond our expectations; cleaned up drives so we could have more disk space and other things he found that would make our systems run more efficiently.

I just wanted to send an e-mail to you, acknowledging Gary with our appreciation of his expedient and thorough manner in ensuring we could be back up and operational as quickly as possible.

Thanks Gary for all your help - we greatly appreciated your time & efforts!

Sharon - Product Data Management

Gary and Mark,

A Big "Thank You" to both -
My laptop computer with [custom app] is up and running.

Good investigating and a speedy response !
( [custom app] Freezes During Setup)

Neal K.


Who do you work for? I would like to send them an email expressing my high level of satisfaction with your work. My drive ended up reclaiming 1.1gig as a result of the conversion to NTFS!!! I've been struggling with this for a while and wish I had called you over sooner.


Greg M

Both q301625 and q301625i are cumulative security updates for IIS. I removed q269862 from the Windows 2000 download section.

q301625i for IIS 4 Windows NT 4.0 IIS 4.0

q301625_w2k_sp3_x86_en.exe Windows 2000 IIS 5.0

thanks for the catch Gary,

Darryl H. - Senior Systems Analyst


Thanks for the info. I knew that something was not "quite right" with the Office upgrade process, bit with everything else going on, had not had time to dig into it and come up with a solution. You have saved me the time of doing that.

I should be able to put the necessary fixes into a .reg file and execute them at the end of the Office installation.

Thanks again for saving me some time. Good job.

Tom - Desktop Architecture Team


I used to test software back in the DOS, Windows 3.1/95, and OS2 days so, I can adapt to ANYTHING!  As long as there is a work around I am happy.  I know this computer is at least 3 years old and I am constantly installing and uninstalling beta software.  So, I am sure it has its problems.  Some day I should reformat the HD and reinstall some good software if I can ever find the time.   So, thanks for the fix.

Deanna L. Beauchamp

Thanks Gary. Big Kudos on that one!
Well Documented!!!!!
We do appreciate that!

H  -- Lead Technical Specialist

"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body."


* Discovered and documented intermittent issue in which local driver for Novell print queue becomes corrupted, printer becomes “Not Available”, random occurrences.  Workaround includes Registry hack before re-install printer, or switch to NDS printer object.

* Clarification documented on issue re Bad User Object in NDS.

* Discovered and documented Office 2000 File Association issue.  (Old path under \Office97 not redirected to new path under \Program Files in some Registry Keys.)

* Worked through several Unix server connectivity issues in NT domain.

* Massive effort to clean NIMDA virus and secure against future attacks.

* Repaired problems resulting from IE55 automated upgrade.  An unfinished install caused Explorer shell to no longer open.  Used TASKMGR to re-run networked IE Setup from Command line.
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