If you're using Outlook Express I can send you some REG files to import a LONG list of Blocked Senders (domain names of spammers) and a set of Rules to block senders based on key words. 
It will eliminate much Spam from your Inbox. 
Then check your Spam folder regularily but most of the stuff in there will be Spam due to either being a group mail or having a "Spam" Subject Line like Mortgage or Insurance or Free or Offer.   If you understand what I've written below, then email me and I'll send you the patches. 
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You will have to do two things before installing that patch.  I know of no easy shortcuts.  First of course download the attachment into a folder, and unzip the two files inside. 

One, there is a long 32 digit alpha numeric code specific to each User setup of Outlook Express. It's called the Identity. 
Like my one Identity is the username G and that Identity has a long code {CCE13981-4A18-483B-B65D-CDD0E10F1A6D}. 

To import those patches into YOUR account on YOUR computer, you would have to make a simple modification to replace MY Identity code number with YOUR code number.  You would just be using the same Find and Replace dialog you would use in a Word Document to say replace "horse rider" with "equestrian" or "cold" with "frigid". 

Edit the files in Notepad (Right-Click, Edit). 

(If youre running Win98 and not XP, then you will have to open Wordpad instead, and drag the file the top of the Wordpad window because Notepad will only have Find and not Find and Replace.) 

Next, highlight the long number in the file, as I did above and click Edit, Copy. [copies to clipboard] 
Open the Edit, Find and Replace dialog. Paste that number in the upper Find box. [that's my ID number thats being searched for] 

Then open Regedit by going to Start, Run, and typing in regedit and browse down to 
Hkey_Current_User\Identities, and find Your-Account-Name listed on the righthand side of one of the Identities. Your "Identity" will be a long number in brackets like the example of mine above. 

Double-Click the UserID on the right near your account name, then Right-Click and Copy that number.  [copies to clipboard]

Then switch back to Notepad (Wordpad) and paste it in the lower Replace box. 
Next hit Replace or Replace All

Now Save the file

This next pointer only applies if you do a Save As from within the Wordpad application:  make sure the new file is saved as Plain Text not Rich Text Format. Also make sure you put the entire new file name including the .REG at the end in quotes otherwise Wordpad will automatically give it a .TXT extension and it will only act like a Text file not a registry file. 

Lastly, Locate file you just modified and Right-Click it and select Merge. 
Two, when you Reopen Outlook Express, and go to Tools, Message Rules, the rule called SPAM will be highlighted in Red. 

That's because you haven't created a folder called Spam so that Rule can't work. 

Click on the Spam rule to Edit is in the obvious way (it shows you). Create a New Folder called SPAM using the underlined "send to Specified Folder" in that dialog.  Select the [New Folder] button.

Also important, my Rule is set to block messages not having Geekman1@Geekman1.COM on the TO or CC line.  Much Spam is sent to a List, and the names are hidden on the BCC line, so that's one good criteria for blocking Spam, but I put it in the Spam folder instead of immediately deleting it, just in case it's someone I know or something I want to read. 
Obviously you'd want to change my email address  that to your email address. 

I put "exceptions" in there for people I know who always send me group emails with my name in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) section, like a few mailing lists I'm on and certain friends who send out group jokes and such.  You would want to modify that to reflect people YOU know and the lists YOU are on, if any, who send you group mail. 

You can delete some of the names I have listed in there as exceptions, and add your own list of names. 

Gary Goodman

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